Poiblíocht (Publicity)

2012/02/18 IMBOLC 2012 (Inspioráid na Bliana): WWW.IMBOLC.IE

Bhí mé ag caint ag IMBOLC i mBaile Bhúirne, Corcaigh sa deireadh seachtain seo caite. Ana bhródúil go raibh mé roghnaithe le caint. Bhí mé ag caint faoi Ficheall cinnte ach níos mó faoi fiúntas fichille sna scoileanna. Fís faoi le teacht. Go raibh míle maith agat Tomás Ó hAodha as IMBOLC don deis.

2012/01/19 IMEALL ar TG4:  Féach ar IMEALL ar TG4, 9.30in, Eanáir 19ú (January 19th). Tristan Rosenstock ag caint le Úna O Boyle; http://www.tg4.ie/en/programmes/imeall.html

2012/12/18 Sunday Business Post:

2012/11/17 Meath Chronicle:

2011/11/10 SPRAOI FICHILLE; Teach an Ardmhéara: SPRAOI FICHILLE (Gaelport.com)

2011/10/23. Sunday Independent; Alexander Baburin: “Ireland has a long chess history, but until recently there was no chess book in Irish. This gap was closed recently by Úna O Boyle, whose book Ficheall, has been short-listed for Irish Language Children’s Book Of The Year. The book can be ordered online at http://www.ficheall.com or in An Siopa Leabhar on Harcourt Street in Dublin.”

 2011/10/19. Drogheda Independent: Una’s chess book up for award

DULEEK chess champ Una O’Boyle can now extend her Wonder Woman status beyond voicing the character on TG4, as her Irish chess book ‘Ficheall’ has been short-listed for Irish language Children’s Book of the Year (Gradam Réics Carló) 2011…
        ‘Ficheall’, which means chess in Irish, has already received worldwide acclaim in the chess-world, with one American expert saying ‘ This is super awesome. I’ve looked at all the chess books for children and there is nothing close to this in English. Please, please and please do an English translation’.

2011/10/19. LMFM: The Daire Nelson Show

The Mid Morning Show Wednesday 19th of October; 2011. Today: Daire chats to Sybill and Basil Fawlty, we find out why the Longwalk Shopping Centre in Dundalk is pink!, Una O Boyle from Duleek chats to us about her unique career, she teaches chess as gaelige and we find out more about this year’s spooky spirits of Meath festival. http://www.lmfm.ie/music/podcasts.aspx

2011/10/17. Drogheda Chess Club: Una’s “Ficheall” nominated for Book of the Year

Una O’ Boyle, the author of the first ever book published in the irish language “Ficheall”, has been nominated in the Irish Language Children’s Book of the Year Awards 2011. It is a unique literary competition, focusing mainly on excellent publishing standards, while also acknowledging the significant role of the authors.  Bord na Leabhar Gaeilge and Oireachtas na Gaeilge organise the event on an annual basis and this year’s winners will be announced on Tuesday 15th November.  Maith on Cailin Una! To be nominated is such a huge honor, to win it would be incredible! Best of luck Una and we are all behind you. :-)
2011/10/20: Gaelscoileann.ie
2011/10/19: Irish News Centre
2011/08/18: Clár Nationwide
2010/09: Siopa.ie
2010/08/18: COGG.ie
2008/11/18: Tubridy ar an Radió Friday 14th November 2008


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