Léirmheas (i mBéarla)

Léirmheas (review):
FICHEALL by Una O Boyle;
Brunswick Press Ireland 2010;
148 pages, large pb;
9.90 euro, in Irish (Gaeilge);
…Reviewed by Anthony Saidy , IM
How dare I review a book in an exotic language, of which I know not one word? Well, I appreciate the graphics! Most of all, I am tickled by it. I collect chess books in all the European languages, plus a few in Arabic, Chinese and Indonesian. And now I am the proud possessor of the very first chess book ever written in the Gaelic language! A century ago, the US tried to stamp out Spanish in Puerto Rican schools. That effort failed. Per report, the Irish government has mounted a campaign to restore the speaking of Gaelic, long after world-dominant English took over Irish speech. I heard that the government even sent an inspector into a teacher’s home to make sure she was not cheating linguistically! Shades of the Quebec language police who harass Montreal shops for displaying English signs. “Ficheall” (Chess) is a handsome production. It starts with the elements and progresses thru the usual steps to an annotated master game, a page on Fischer with his blitz game vs. Fine, quiz positions and a couple of complex problems. It concludes with a Gaelic-English glossary which taught me the word for mobility – soghluaisteacht! The last page is about the author, with color foto of the fetching lass, who has just represented her country at the Khanty-Mansiysk Olympiad. There are colored drawings. mostly of a king pondering, and a detached cardboard chess board and pieces. Every person of Irish descent should get this book. Barack Obama, that includes you – no blarney. Order it from unaficheall@gmail.com. See it at www.ficheall.com.

Faoi ficheall

"Ficheall" (Chess in Irish) le WCM Úna O Boyle (WCM: Ábhar Máistir Mná-Woman's Candidate Master). Is as Damhliag, Co. na Mí Úna agus is muinteoir fichille í sna gaelscoileanna. CEOL: www.unaoboyle.net hyper-borea.com & myspace.com/unaoboyle
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